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Hendrik- Newborn Session in Edmonton, Alberta

14 day old Hendrik's In-home Newborn Photography Session in Edmonton

I loved this in home newborn photography session in Edmonton, I could've snuggled this little man all day long. I photographed his older sister as a newborn and it was so neat to see how similar the two of them looked. She sadly didn't remember me from the last time 😅 but I was able to capture some sweet smiles with the help of peek a boo, snack bribery and play with her parents. =) This family had moved to a new home since I had last photographed them and I was in heaven with all of the big windows and beautiful natural light, they also had some great music playing which I find always sets a relaxing tone for the session.

A toddler kisses her baby brothers cheek at their family Newborn photoshoot in Edmonton.
I immediately loved this little seating nook overlooking their backyard where we were captured most of the session that day.

A macro photograph of a newborn baby feet in Edmonton.

Getting to see families that I have photographed in the past grow and add on new little family members is one of my favourite parts of what I do and it is always so nice getting to catch up and feeling like I'm just having a visit with old friends.

A husband hugs his wife who holds their new baby.

During newborn sessions with toddler older siblings I will often tell families to play like no one is there watching, and to never stop smiling which was easy for this sweet family! It's always those in between moments with little ones that end up being the favourites that we look back on and feel like we are right there again.

A mother smiles down at her sleeping Newborn baby.

A family photograph of two parents with their toddler daughter and newborn baby boy.

A black and white image of a mother breastfeeding her newborn baby in Edmonton.

A father holds his newborn baby son in Edmonton.

A mother smiles down at her newborn baby who smiles back up at her in his sleep.

A mother and father smile at their toddler who interacts with her newborn brother.

A father kisses his Newborn baby's head.

A mother kisses her Newborn baby boys nose at their in-home newborn session.

A family photograph of a Father smiling at his grinning toddler, while the Mother holds her Newborn baby.

A newborn baby boy sleeps in his mothers arms.

A toddler holds her arms up in the air, grinning, at their photography session in Edmonton,

A toddler kisses her newborn brothers cheeks while their Mother smiles at them.

Thinking about having a Newborn Photography session in Edmonton?

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