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What to Wear to your Family Session

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

I know that planning your families outfits for your family photography session can feel a little daunting but choosing the right colours and combinations can really make the difference between average and amazing photographs!

I have prepared a list of tips and examples for you that will hopefully help in your preparations so that your photos turn out the best they possibly can! All of these combinations were found at different stores within the Edmonton area and can fit within different budgets.

Tip #1 - Choose colours that will compliment the surroundings

If your shoot is going to be outdoors - say in a field or near forest, you want to choose colours to wear that will compliment your surroundings instead of clashing with them. Earthy colours go really well with outdoor shoots - think browns, beige, cream, olive green. If you wear bright, eye catching colours (red, orange, pink, blue) it will not compliment the surrounding colours and your outfits will stand out in the photos rather than your family standing out! Bright colours also tend to create colour casts in photos and can make your skin appear to be the same colour as the colour you are wearing. Avoid black as it absorbs light, whereas lighter colours bounce/reflect light which is great for photographs & having nice, even lighting.

What to wear to your Family Photography Session in Edmonton, Alberta

Photo credit: H&M Canada.

All of these outfits are from H&M Canada - they work well together as they are softer, earthy colours. The mens shirt and little girls dress are both linen textures - an added bonus as it is a natural fabric that even further compliments the outdoor/natural vibes. When choosing blue jeans, choose a softer wash rather than a bright or dark blue/black.

Tip #2 - Choose comfort!

For women - choose a dress that is past your knees and that is flowy & you are able to move in. There will be photos of you sitting on a blanket or kneeling, so you want to wear something that you are comfortable in at all times so you can be in the moment - which will result in the most natural feeling photographs! Flowy dresses are great because they move when you move, and movement in photos evokes a sense of realism and doesn't look so posed. For children, also think comfort - we want them to be able to move and play and what we don't want is for parents to be stressing about how their children are sitting or if their diapers are showing.

What to wear to your Family Photoshoot in Edmonton, Alberta

Photo credit: Old Navy Canada

All of these outfits are from Old Navy Canada. Notice the dress is longer and flowy, and the baby outfit is a romper & will cover babies diaper.

Tip #3 - Pay attention to the small details & accessories!

Try to choose neutral, matching socks rather than bright/eye catching ones. If you choose to wear a hat -try to avoid wearing ball caps as they can create shadows or hide your face for certain poses. It's a great idea to add accessories to your outfits that show off your style - jewelry can add visual interest, or bringing along your child's favourite stuffy is great for the memories! For men - I would avoid wearing very large watches, there may be close ups of hands and large watches sometimes draw the eye away from where we want it.

Outfit options for your Family Photography Session in Edmonton, Alberta

Photo credit: Gap Canada

If you would like to book your family session or have questions about what to wear - click here to send me a message and chat!

For more outfit inspiration - check out Kindred Memories Photography's Pinterest page

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