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Unsure about having a Newborn Photoshoot?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

So I decided to write a little post for all you soon to be parents out there that are on the fence on whether or not you want Newborn photos done. I was there once too! Twice actually… with my first son I knew I wanted newborn photos but I thought to myself, “you can just DIY!” As I do with a lot of things. So I borrowed a really nice camera and even a studio light, I set up a basket and stuck my little six pound kiddo in there and snapped some shots. Our photo session was over within probably twenty minutes or so because my son had a blow out all over the fur I had him laying on. We did get a few photos – they were cute but honestly kind of awkward looking and the lighting looked off & not the most flattering. I couldn’t figure out at the time why they looked so unflattering though.

So fast forward to baby #2. This time, I thought, I will be more prepared. I will look into what I did wrong last time and I will achieve THE perfectly posed, adorable baby picture. A week after Bowen was born, I spent some time on Pinterest, looked at some different poses that other professional photographers had used, I felt more prepared. Cole and I set Bowen up on the ground, Cole held the wrinkly sheet back drop up behind.. I dressed Bowen in a cute little teddy bear newborn outfit. I tried to pose him in the “froggy pose”, then realized I must be missing something because there is absolutely no way a newborn can just support his own head on his hands lol. (By the way - this is actually done by taking two separate pictures holding baby in different spots, and using photoshop to merge them together - and if it's not done this way it is not safe!)

So then I put him in a “bum up pose” which felt more realistic and natural and we snapped some pictures.

Bowen started to fuss after about 10 minutes and we gave up because I was a now a newborn mom AND a toddler mom and was just completely exhausted and too tired to care at this point! So we did get a few sweet photos, the detail was not there and again the lighting was off and not flattering. It was not all bad though, these experiences were what got me interested in Newborn Photography, and it made me realize there is a lot more to it that I wanted to learn. Another regret for me, was that sure I got some ok quality photos of my boys, but looking back I really did not get many of myself and baby other than the occasional selfie. This was another reason I got into newborn & family photography. I know Moms a lot of the time are the ones behind the camera, so for a day, let me be the one behind the camera, capturing some beautiful photos of you and your children. This time in your life will pass within the blink of an eye, and it is an investment I know, but I promise these photos will be something you look back on for years & that will bring you back to this fleeting time.

So the first reason I’m sure many of you are on the fence, is because you feel like you can just get the photos yourself. I’m sure you can! But they likely won’t be the same quality, that you could blow up crystal clear and hang on your wall and admire for years to come. I also promise you, it will not be the same relaxing, enjoyable experience that you will have with me. I have been through the newborn stage twice, I have handled many babies, and I will treat your baby with the absolute most care and respect as I would my own children. To set the scene – there will be relaxing music, and a “shushing machine” & space heater by baby to keep them comfortable. There will be a big comfy couch for you to relax on, there will be a nice comfortable rocking chair for you to feed your baby, and there will be breaks when baby needs them. When you are not feeding them, I will be completely in tune with them and what they are comfortable or not so comfortable with. I work on Newborn time, having baby and yourselves completely happy and comfortable is my number one priority and I schedule enough time so that the experience is not rushed, and you leave feeling completely happy with your choice to have professional photos done. Maybe even feeling more relaxed than when you came, because you have had some time to sit and just watch, instead of having to “Do”.

I give the option of having the session at my studio, or at your home, whichever feels right to you. I know in the first month or three of having my babies, it sometimes felt like an effort just to get a shower in. The last thing I wanted was for people to stop by and see my messy house. I promise you, that if you feel more comfortable in your own home and don’t want to pack baby up, I will be 100% judgment free when I come over. Because I have been there! A spotless house is not top priority at this time, bonding with and tending to your baby is. So I may shuffle some stuff aside or clean a coffee table to get a picture in a certain spot.. but know that I do that with every home I go to. Again, my main goal is for the session to be as stress free as possible for you and baby.

Family photos are something that you won’t regret doing, but you likely will regret not doing. So if you have any other questions or concerns, shoot me a message and I am happy to answer them for you!

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