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My "Why" of becoming a Newborn & Baby Photographer

Time sure does fly!

This is my 'Why' of getting into Newborn & Baby Photography. Because I know how sweet that stage is and how it flashes by in the blink of an eye. My "why" is getting to spend even just that small bit of time in the presence of that overwhelming, palpable love when new parents are just meeting and getting to know their new little human, while at the same time having the honour of capturing memories of this time for you to look back on for years to come. The wrinkles in their tiny little feet, the soft curl of their hair, the pucker of their lips while they sleep. I want to capture it all for you so you can remember those details that may be otherwise forgotten. I know how much joy it brings me to look back on the photos of my boys as babies. Now that that stage in my life is over, the memories and photos are all I have of that precious time, and how important and special those photos are to me.

Photo of myself and my younger son Bowen, taken by my Mom

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