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What to Wear to a Winter Photo Session

Summer and fall are without a doubt the most popular time to capture family photos, but there is something so magical about taking outdoor photographs in the winter!

Sometimes it can feel a little bit trickier trying to come up with what the family will wear for photos in the winter - you want everyones outfits to look good while still being warm and comfortable, because cold grumpy children does not equal great photographs.

Enter this blog post! I have come up with a few do's and don'ts for outfits that will look great but still be comfortable.

A husband kisses his pregnant wife at their winter Maternity Session in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Do's

Colour coordinate with the family. I find it's easiest to start with one persons outfit that has a bit more colour or pattern, and then building off of that colour palette. For every one person wearing a pattern or more bold colour, have two wearing more neutral colours without pattern. Winter is a great time to add in a bit more colour, since everything is white outside you don't have to worry so much about your outfits complimenting or clashing with the surroundings. Avoid the very bright/neon colours though as they can create colour casts. Layering warm whites and beiges/neutrals is always really beautiful and timeless as well and is always my go-to!

Layer up! Adding different layers not only keeps you warm but adds visual interest to the photographs. Think a scarf, shirt, sweater and vest rather than just wearing a jacket. For women, wear thick warm nylons or a few pairs of leggings/pants underneath a maxi dress and you won't even be able to tell! If you are wearing a coat, try to wear a few different layers underneath so we can slip off the jacket for a minute and get a bit of variety, and then pop it back on to warm up.

Accessorize. For children, make sure you bring all of the necessary accessories to keep them warm and happy. Scarves, mittens, ear muffs or toques. Also make sure to wear the proper waterproof foot wear. It is fun to capture the candid moments of families playing in the snow; having a little snowball fight or being pulled in the sled, so it's important to make sure they're dressed for it and can have some fun.

Props. Speaking of being pulled in a sled, bringing props is a great way to capture some genuine smiles and connection. Another fun idea is to have a winter campfire and roast some marshmallows while sitting on a blanket, or bringing along some mugs of hot chocolate.

Embrace the weather! There is something special about a quiet, snowy day and you will never regret having photos of yourself while it's snowing out.

A black and white image of a woman kissing her husband while standing in the snow at their family photography session in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Don'ts

Don't skimp out on clothing to look a certain way for your photos. There will be no doubt that it is winter time in your photos so just embrace it! We also want to make sure we can finish the whole session instead of having to cut it short when the kiddos get chilly.

Don't forget proper footwear. Heels are great to elongate the body, so if you do choose to wear heeled boots make sure they are big enough to wear a few pair of warm socks underneath. Otherwise some stylish winter boots are a great option.

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