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Motherhood Photography Sessions

Updated: May 16, 2023

2023 Motherhood Photography Sessions

My 2023 Motherhood Photography Sessions Event has come and gone and I could not have been happier with how it turned out! I ended up having eight Mothers and their little ones and although the sessions were only 15 minutes long we ended up capturing some amazing images from each.

I ordered a desert bar setup through Wild Rose Cakes and it did not disappoint - all of the treats were so beautiful. There were rose flavoured donuts, blondies, mini cupcakes and branded sugar cookies. I ended up ordering way too much so a lot of it came home with me, which my boys and hubby were not at all upset about!

Rose flavoured donuts from Wild Rose Cakes

Branded cookies for Caitlin Blair Photography.

Blondies made by Wild Rose Cakes.

Mini cupcakes made by Wild Rose Cakes.

Fresh flowers at Motherhood Minis in Edmonton by Caitlin Blair Photography.

Fresh floral arrangement at a Motherhood Session in Edmonton
Fresh Floral Arrangement by Florans

The event started with Marielle and Reese - I have photographed them a few times and it is so nice getting to see Reese grow and change. Photographing little boys is always a fun little challenge which I welcome with all of the movement, treats and snuggles from parents as needed. =)

A Mom holds her little boy and smiles at him while he holds fresh lilies.

A black and white image of a toddler boy running past.

A black and white image of a mother and her son holding a flower looking out the window.

A mother and her son smile at the camera at their Edmonton Motherhood Session

Marielles client closet Dress:

A mother and her one year old daughter smile at the camera, sitting next to fresh flowers.

Next up was Jade and Kyla, another duo who I have seen in the past. I did Jade's maternity session and Kylas newborn session and was so excited to find out Jade is expecting another little girl! I will be seeing her for her Maternity session to include Dad in a month or two but I had to sneak in some sweet shots of just the three girls ;)

Jades makeup was also done by Lush and Lavish Beauty

A toddler feels fresh flowers in a vase.

A one year old girl wearing a white dress and pigtails looks back at the camera while she is playing with fresh flowers.
A black and white image of an expecting mother and her toddler daughter.

Next I saw Mina - she was the winner of my Giveaway and she brought her Mom and her Daughter along for my only generational portraits of the day! Little Maisie was only 10 months and definitely had loving eyes for her Mom and Grandma throughout the session. She did not give smiles away freely but her Dad did manage to get her to crack a few by the end!

A toddler looks at the camera while her Mother smiles at her at their Motherhood Photoshoot.

A generational portrait of a baby girl, her Mother and her Grandmother.

A 10 month old baby looks lovingly into her Moms eyes while her grandmother watches, smiling.

A mother smiles at her 10 month old daughter who smiles at the camera.

I then got to meet Gina and her three month old little Hendrix. I love photographing this age because they are usually very go with the flow - as long as he was in Moms arms he was a happy little camper! He was napping when he arrived so I was able to get some sweet yawning shots, and I was totally amazed with how happy he was when woke up!

A black and white image of a baby yawning.

A 3 month old baby smiles at the camera.

A mother smiles at her son who looks at the camera at their Motherhood Photography session.

A close up of a 3 month old Edmonton Babies hands and feet.

Becky and her two kiddos, Harper and Arlo came next and they are always a favourite to photograph! Harper is the sweetest little wild child - I ask her to spin in her beautiful dresses every time I see her and she never disappoints! Arlo just turned a year old and he wasn't as sure about me this time around at first, but after I fed him a few gold fish he decided I was all right.

A Mother and her older daughter and baby son smiling at the camera with soft coloured florals in the background.

A mother and daughter rest their heads against each other while closing their eyes.

A mother kisses her baby sons cheek while he laughs at Hey You Studio in Edmonton.

Beckys client closet dress:

Makeup by Lush and Lavish Beauty

I met Paxton and little William next, he was also napping when they showed up but woke up totally content and ready for photographs as well. I got all of the smiles and sweet stares from William and I loved how their photos turned out on my hand painted backdrop

A mother holds and looks at her baby in front of a blue hand painted backdrop at Hey You studio in Edmonton.

A black and white portrait of a mother kissing her baby's cheek.

A mother hugs her baby son at their Motherhood Photography Session.

Paxton's Client Closet Dress: Hazel and Folk

It was then Amanda and Ellie's turn who I also photographed as a Newborn. It was non stop smiles for Ellie and my heart was melting the entire session!

A toddler girl crawls towards the photographer while her Mom smiles at her from behind.

A toddler girl smiles at the camera while her Mother holds her hands.

A mother hugs her baby daughter at their Motherhood Photography Session.

Danielle, her husband Arif and little Sinan were the last family of the day. As if their family could get any more beautiful - Danielle is now expecting twin girls! Sinan is at the age where he just wants to go! So I happily followed him around and took photos of him exploring and giving roses to his Mom.

A portrait of two parents and their toddler son at their Motherhood photography session in Edmonton.

A toddler smiles at the camera while holding his Dads hand.

A husband and expecting wife hold each others arms.

An Edmonton toddler hands his Mother a rose.

If you weren't able to attend my Motherhood Photography Sessions and would like some updated images of you and your littles - send me a message!

Click here to start planning.

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