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The Best Nature Walks for Kids in Edmonton

Nature walks offer numerous benefits for both moms and their children, making them such a great activity for family bonding and overall well-being. Spending time in nature has been linked to reduced stress for Moms, and also stimulates creativity and imagination in little ones which is a win-win! This is one of my favourite things to do with my littles when I feel like I need a break from the city, so I’ve compiled a list of a few of the best Nature walks to do with kids in Edmonton, Alberta.

A young family on a nature walk in Edmonton, Alberta.


  1. Clifford E Lee Nature Sanctuary


This is one of my favorites! The 348-acre natural gem is just a short drive from Edmonton and is a great place to relax and wander through the trees and open fields and to get away from the fast pace of the city. You’ll wander through the winding trails in the forest to the boardwalks over the wetlands and if your kids are still enough, they might just get a chickadee landing on their hand to eat. Wide, well-maintained pathways make it easy for strollers and little explorers to navigate and there are lots of beautiful spots to stop and have a picnic in the forest or in the bright, sunny field.


2.    Mill Creek Ravine: This urban park located in the heart of Edmonton offers several trails that wind through beautiful, forested areas and along the creek. It's a great spot for kids to explore and play. My favorite spot that I will often walk through and photograph families with little ones is off of 76 ave. You can wander through the forest and stop at the creeks along the way where the water is nice and shallow for your kids to splash in a bit!

A father holds his toddlers hand while walking through the water at the Millcreek Ravine in Edmonton.


3.    Whitemud Creek Ravine: Another gem located within the city, Whitemud Creek Ravine has several trails that are perfect for families. Kids will love exploring the forest and crossing the suspension bridge and you might even be lucky enough to see the Beaver working away in the ravine!

A young family smile at their baby while sitting on a blanket by the Whitemud Creek Ravine in Edmonton.


4.    John Janzen Nature Centre: Located in the heart of Edmonton's river valley, the John Janzen Nature Centre offers several interpretive trails that are perfect for families. Kids can learn about local plants and animals while exploring the beautiful natural surroundings.



These are just a few of some of my favourite beautiful nature walks in Edmonton that are perfect for small children. Each offers its own unique scenery and opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventure. Looking to update your family photos at one of these beautiful locations? Get some more information on my outdoor family photography sessions by clicking here

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